Ever Faithful Servant

The footsteps walking down the hall 
My heart does pound I feel so small 
He’s coming near 
My cage I fear 
And nowhere for me to hide at all

It seems so long for him to be 
Standing finally over me 
His downward gaze 
His eyes ablaze 
Be this the final sight I see?

His foot now wrenched into my side
I cannot move; it hurts to cry 
His griping hands
My pulsing glands
Hope of tomorrow be denied

Out of here and in the truck
I’m quickly running out of luck 
The bumpy ride
It’s hot inside 
Because I couldn’t make a buck

Who knows what will become of me 
But the business cannot run for free 
A faster pace 
To take my place 
Race me till I die for thee

Just another scratch upon the list
Of greys who’ve gave their lives for this 
Replaced with haste
It seems a waste 
My life for your eternal bliss

Copyright 2001 Lynn Kargol