Exploding Through the Gate

With beauty and grace they explode through the gate

They have no idea this determines their fate

The spectators watch as the "Grey's" round the bend

The favorite is leading, he'll certainly win

No one seems to notice the "Grey" falling back

First, fifth, then seventh, then last on the track.

The trainer will come and take him away

This dog ran with courage, he shattered his leg

The crowd shows no care there are more races to see

There is no second thought to what his fate will be

No thought will be given to repairing his bone

No owner will come to give him a good home

This Greyhound's mother and father's fate was the same

They just like him could no longer win at this game

There are thousands of greyhound's who's lives end the same

They were injured or slow or could not be trained

Their lives had just started and met an abrupt end

Their owner does not care there are thousands more to send

They run for their owner, They run to get love

For this they are killed by their owners own glove

Copyright 2011 Mark A. Wilcox