It's a Sad Day

It’s just another day for racing greyhounds
Running from what they cannot see
Running towards what’s so elusive
To the day when they are free

Their fate has been decided
By those who cast their vote
Greyhound racing won’t be decoupled
The dogs have missed the boat

Humans need to see the suffering here
Demand the truth with no more lies
Make those in charge responsible
When yet another greyhound dies

It’s a struggle to survive in this place
To lose here may mean death
One moment straining hard to please
The next one their last breath

Time has been no friend to them
Dogs once so noble and so proud
Companions to both kings and queens
Their world has turned around

We have betrayed the greyhound
Yet they graciously accept their lot in life
So stoic in their hopelessness
Born to hunger, pain and strife

It seems each time we hope to change
Old ideas and outdated ways
The world disappoints once again
Yet we’ll fight another day

It's a sad, sad day for greyhounds
Another day like many others
It's a sad, sad day for greyhounds
Death for many of their brothers

With no end to their suffering yet in sight
And humans who continue to ignore their plight
It's no mystery why they run so fast
They run from their future, they run from their past

Copyright 2011 Cyndi Rennick