Save Me

Would someone please save me
From this life that I lead
A life full of strife
To satisfy greed

I live in a cage
In which, I cannot stand
Crammed up against others
So short, our life span

I’m always hungry
My body’s in pain
I don’t feel like running
For monetary gain

Would someone please save me
The men here don’t care
I’m a thing in their eyes
So distant, their stare

I’m tired of needles
That make me feel strange
My bed is so dirty
I wish they would change

I’m tired of hurting
Of being hungry and sore
Of running and falling
So I can ache more

Would someone please save me
And get me out of this place
My end is soon coming
God grant me Your grace

I’ve heard there are people
Who actually love dogs like me
I wish I could meet them
Oh well, wait and see

What happens from here
Depends upon you
I can’t save myself
That much is true

My life will not change
Unless you intervene
You can give me a home
With a yard that is green.

Copyright 2012 Bobbi Dilling 6/12/2012