Who We Are

Our Board


Christine A. Dorchak, President and General Counsel

Christine Dorchak has extensive professional experience in the animal protection movement. Before obtaining her law degree, she worked as Research Director for the New England Anti-Vivisection Society and was the manager of the Ellen Gifford Sheltering Home for Cats in Boston. Christine specializes in pari-mutuel law and has drafted laws to successfully prohibit dog racing in several states, including her own. A long-distance runner all of her life, she has competed in seven Boston Marathons to date. Christine enjoys spending free time with her four cats. She recently lost her beloved greyhound Zoe to cancer. Read Christine's profile in Raising Veg KidsEmail christine@grey2kusaedu.org


Carey M. Theil, Vice President

Since co-founding GREY2K USA with Christine Dorchak in 2001, Carey has been sourced in hundreds of news articles about greyhound racing, and has authored guest columns about the industry published in the the Boston Globe, Rocky Mountain News, Providence Journal, Tallahassee Democratand Sarasota Herald-Tribune. He has extensive legislative experience, and has testified in favor of stronger greyhound protection laws before legislative committees in Massachusetts, Florida, New Hampshire and Oregon. Carey volunteers his free time for various non-profits and currently sits on the board of directors for the National Coalition Against Gambling Expansion. Carey is also a national chess expert. Email carey@grey2kusaedu.org


Paula Blanchard, Secretary

Paula is a retired writer, the author of critically acclaimed biographies of Margaret Fuller, Emily Carr and Sarah Orne Jewett. Having lived among animals all her life, she became an activist after she and her husband adopted their first greyhound in 2000. She has performed writing and research projects for both GREY2KUSA and the GREY2K USA Education Fund. Email paula@grey2kusaedu.org



Lorraine Nicotera

Lorraine is a volunteer for many animal protection organizations and is a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator, specializing in eastern cottontails. She has a small sanctuary for parakeets and domestic rabbits and also is involved in animal rescue. She is the Vice President of the South Shore Humane Society and holds a degree in biology and has experience in Humane Education. Email lorraine@grey2kusaedu.org