Honorary Gift

An Honorary Gift is a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion or mark a significant accomplishment! Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and graduation ceremonies are all perfect times to say “Thank You,” “Congratulations” or “I Love You” to someone who cares about greyhounds.

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Memorial Gift

A Memorial Gift is given in memory of a loved one or a deceased family friend. Please consider making a gift in memory of a special person or greyhound you know. Donating to the GREY2K USA Education Fund is the best way possible to protect greyhounds from the cruelty of dog racing.

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A handwritten card will be sent to the person or persons below as a notification that a gift has been made to the GREY2K USA Education Fund.

If preferred, you can send a check along with our mail-in form.

program finances

Every dollar donated helps us sponsor greyhounds as they leave closing dog tracks, funds our outreach and adoption efforts, and helps us educate the public about the cruelty of dog racing. Thank you for caring about the greyhounds!

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